ADV Kit - KYLIN RTA - Vandy Vape "All Day Vape Expansion Tank" (6ML Expansion)

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$ 19.99 

This 6ML 33mm ADV Expansion kit is used without the Chimney Extension piece that VandyVape provides with the Kylin RTA.

As with all devices, a tall chimney section will reduce flavor. This ADV Kit will provide more capacity without the reduction in flavor from the chimney extension.  

For our customers that use the chimney extension with this RTA: A much taller 33mm glass for this ADV Kit "which will be compatible with Vandy Vape's Chimney Extension" will be listed at a later date when we are able to stock the quartz in that size. It will be available for purchase with the kit or separate as a replacement glass.

The ADV Kit will work with Kylin RTA V1 and V2.


• 6ML Max Capacity

• 33mm Diameter Fused Quartz Glass Piece ( Shock Resistant )

• Drop Resistant Edges

• Precision CNC Stainless Steel Expansion Rings.

• Two Pre-Installed L-Shape Oring Seals for Maximum Anti-Leak Protection. ( Two Extras Included in Package )