ADV Expansion Kit - BIG Baby Prince - TFV12 "ALL DAY VAPE KIT" (13ML Expansion)

Inked ATTY

$ 19.99 

The ADV Kit for the Big Baby Prince is available in two sizes. One size is when Stock Coils "Pre-Made Coils" are installed and the other size is for when the RTA Rebuild Deck is installed.


• 13ML Max Capacity

• 33mm Diameter Tempered Quartz Glass Piece

• Drop Resistant Edges ( Edges are Not Sharp )

• Precision CNC Stainless Steel Expansion Rings ( Edges are Not Sharp )

• Two Pre-Installed L-Shape Oring Seals for Maximum Anti-Leak Protection. ( Two Extras Included in Package )

Same install process as the TFV8 Big Baby Beast.