KYLIN M - VandyVape - ADV Kit Expansion and Original Parts Sizes | Inked ATTY



Original Part Sizes

Original Glass Size: 
15mm Length * 22mm Inner Diameter



ADV Metal Adapter Sizes:
TOP 34*24mm &
BOTTOM 34*24mm

Under Adapter Gasket:
TOP  20*2.5 O-Ring

ADV Quartz Glass Size:
33*30*10mm Quartz

Gasket Size for ADV Quartz: 
32mm L-Ring Gasket




Both Metal ADV adapters will be identical in size and shape, either can be used for the top or bottom.

Pull the Air-Flow adjustment ring and Drip Tip off the fill port before installing.

The Kylin-M's TOP Round O'Ring should be replaced with the thicker round O'Ring that is included with your package. It will be labeled in a small plastic baggie as TOP.

The BOTTOM gasket is not needed. The bottom metal ADV Adapter will sit flush against the Kylin-M base and will not leak.

There are notches on the Base/Desk that prevent cross threading with the top section's bell cap. This means the Base has to be turned to a very specific position before it will slide in far enough inwards to start the threading.

Once the base is threaded to the top "with the ADV kit in the Middle", you can then put the Air Flow control ring and the fill port's top cap back on.

Because of the expansion rings, the top air-flow control will be just a little more loose, but only when the top-cap is removed. Because of the design of the ADV, the airflow will have to be adjusted while the Fill-Cap is off. The top-cap will hold the air-flow control in place when tightened. 

The original bubble glass holds around 4.5ml. I was able to fill the Kylin M + ADV Kit with 9ml total.