CROWN 4 - UWELL - ADV Kit Expansion and Original Parts Sizes | Inked ATTY



Original Part Sizes

Original Glass Size: 
21mm Length * 21.5mm Inner Diameter




ADV Metal Adapter Sizes:
TOP 34*22.4mm &
BOTTOM 34*22.4mm

Under Adapter Gasket:
18*1.8 O-Ring  and  18*1.0mm O-Ring

ADV Quartz Glass Size:
33*30*16mm Quartz

Gasket Size for ADV Quartz: 
32mm L-Ring Gasket

Crown 4 - All Day Vape Expansion Kit
Please Read : 
The ADV Kit for Uwell's "Crown 4" Tank expands the juice capacity from 6mL to 12mL. This specific ADV Kit is installed a little different than all of the previous models of ADV Kit that we have released.
Due to the very different than usual design of the Crown series, the original bubble glass can be easily removed by simply taking off the fill-cap and pulling on the glass piece. The only protection in place for the original bubble glass is the gaskets that have enough friction to hold the glass in place.
This ADV Kit will fit in the same position and will also be secured by the custom O-rings that we include. There is no issue with this ADV configuration, but the kit is not locked in the same way other tanks can have it installed The only downside, is that once the Fill-Cap is removed away from the adv adapter, you will need to be careful to not pull on the kit. Just like the original glass, the adv kit can be removed simply by pulling on it when the fill-cap is removed.
We always recommend that when using any ADV kit for the first time, do not fill up the tank completely until you are sure that the kit is secure and snug. Fill the tank to the "MIN" line "or past the cotton/holes" on the coil section and test the device a few times until you are sure that it is installed properly.