Wheel of Tips - Live Product Selection - Display #L1 - Original Limitless RDTA 24mm

Inked ATTY

$ 12.49 

 The Drip Tips in this Video are Custom Resin Epoxy Drip Tips for the Original Limitless RDTA the First One.  (Not the Plus, Not the Classic)

Original Limitless RDTA 24mm

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Please Read Carefully Before Proceeding.

 The Wheel of Tips listing is set up as a First Come, First Serve listing. This means that the First Customer to successfully complete the purchase will receive the DripTip from the video that corresponds to the number on the video.

  When a customer proceeds to the actual checkout pages, the tip(s) they selected will be held for 5 minutes to allow them time to complete their order. If the customer takes longer than that or leaves the checkout page, the hold will expire and the tip(s) will be available for others to purchase. 

  The Video is Pre-Recorded and the tips purchased will still show in the video until Inked ATTY updates the listing. Each tip, listing, and video is tracked to ensure that you receive the same exact custom tip as purchased. 

We will setup new listings during low traffic hours and make each listing a random mix of colors and types.  Thank you for Reading and Happy Shopping!