TFV12 - BIG BABY PRINCE - FORCE GLOW Extended Bubble Glass Replacement Pyrex - 7ML

Inked ATTY

$ 12.49 

Handmade in Nashville, TN.

Inked ATTY's Force Glow Quartz has a Glass Only Internal Wall. The Outside of the Glass is a Glow in the Dark Layer with a premium protective coating.

Glow in the Dark products must be charged with a light source before they will glow.

Glow Products need to absorb light to re-emit light and some light is better absorbed than others. Ultraviolet light works best and charges in the fastest time.

How adapted your eyes are to the dark will affect the brightness of the glow that your eyes perceive. The more adapted to the dark your eyes are, the brighter the glow that you will see. In fact, the glow will appear to be brightening the more adapted your eyes become.

Glow in the dark products is best viewed in total darkness or under a Black Light Bulb.

 TFV12 The Big Baby PRINCE 7ML