FALCON - ADV Kit Color Quartz Replacement (Read Description)

Inked ATTY

$ 8.49 

ATTENTION: The ADV Kit is a "Sold Separately" Expansion Kit for this device.

If you do not own the ADV kit yet, the glass in this listing will not fit your device. This listing is for the Replacement Tinted Quartz Only "Not the full ADV Kit expansion."

The 33 millimeter Quartz in this listing will fit this model ADV Kit only. We can not do returns for misplaced orders. Please contact us at info@inkedatty.com before ordering if you are not sure of your purchase.

Inked ATTY's Custom Color Tinted ADV Replacement Glass is a Quartz Glass Piece with a film tinted coating. The inner wall is Quartz Glass Only, while the outer wall has a Tinted Color Coating. The Glass/Color is Transparent.