ZEUS Sub-OHM ADV Kit Installation



There are Two versions of the Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank. 

One has a Flat Bottom and the other has a Tapered Bottom.

There are two ADV Kit versions listed on the website for this reason. 

To install the ADV Kit, please replace the O'rings listed below, before installing the two adapters and the larger quartz glass piece.



Replace the TOP O'ring with the O'ring labeled Top Side. Photo Below.


Replace the Base's O'ring with the O'ring labeled Bottom Side or Base.
"The Original Oring should still work, so this is optional" Photo Below,

For the Zeus "FLAT BOTTOM" Version - The Groove above the threading is very narrow. The best option is to install the thin O'ring provided to the threading below the groove. Photo Below,
For the Zeus "Tapered Bottom" version, this is not necessary. 

For the Zeus "Tapered Version", install the Middle O'ring from the package labeled as "middle" to the slot above the threading in the photo below.
For the Zeus "Flat Bottom", there will be O'rings included for this location, but they are not needed. If you wish to still install the O'ring to this version, you must gently twist and wiggle the Bottom metal ADV adapter onto the O'ring. Because of the changes made to this Zeus Version, the slot is too small to hold the proper size. Hence the reason for an O'ring being installed to the threading.

After the O'rings are swapped, you can then install the two metal adapters and
larger quartz glass to the tank.
If you have any issues, please contact info@inkedatty.com for support.